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We are a turf company that is focused on getting our customers the field or yard of their dreams at a price point that is manageable.

The idea for this company came about when the owner of Northwest Sports Turf Solutions was a high school baseball coach who had become frustrated with all of the canceled practices and time in a gym or with nowhere to go due to the rainy Oregon spring. Instead of continuing to suffer, he decided that they were going to put in a turf infield. 

However, when calling all of the big companies and realizing that they were never going to be able to afford to have one of them install it, their program decided to take matters into their own hands, purchase turf from a local dealer and do it themselves.

Then they did it again on the JV field, hitting facility bullpens and then another varsity field turf project. In the end, the lessons learned and the passion to help other programs inspired us to start a company to help get them the fields they need. Instead of being overwhelmed by maintenance and rain outs, your coaches will get to spend time teaching the beautiful game of baseball and softball that we all love so much!

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